On Sale! Fujikura FSM-17S SM MM Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer –

On Sale! Fujikura FSM-17S SM MM Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer –

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Fujikura AFL FSM-17S SM & MM Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fujikura FSM-17S Fusion Splicer

This Unit Has A Low Total Arc Count of Only 9,473!

Includes 6 Month Fusion Splicer Care Kit (FS6MC)
– 4oz Flip Jar Of 99% Alcohol
– (50) Non-Lint Dry Wipes
– (6) Fiber Optic Wipes w/ 99% Alcohol
– 2oz Pump Fast Evaporating Mirror Spray
– (25) Camera Swabs
– (25) V-Groove Swabs

Fujikura FSM-17S

Includes Sumitomo FC-6M High Precision Fiber Cleaver, Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed


Fujikura FSM-17S FSM17S Fusion Splicer Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

The FSM-17S establishes a new standard for single fi ber “fixed v-groove” type fusion splicers with a host of improvements including a 35 second tube heater, dual position monitor, and a longer battery life. The real time arc calibration feature makes field maintenance easier than ever. Also available now is a version of the FSM-17S utilizing a fiber holder system, making the splicing process extremely simple for inexperienced technicians. The FSM-17S is well suited for FTTX applications and both models quickly attach to the newly redesigned ASW-02 workstation making, field portability a breeze.

– 35 second tube heater
– Dual direction monitor position
– Long life battery (up to 160 splices/shrinks per charge)
– Automatic arc calibration



Model FSM-17S: Fiber Sheath Clamp Model
FSM-17S-FH: Fiber Holder Model
Applicable Fibers SM (ITU-T G.652), MM (ITU-T G.651), DS (ITU -T G.653), NZDS (ITU-T G.655)
Cladding Diameter 125µm
Coating Diameter FSM-17S: 250µm to 1000µm
FSM-17S-FH: 250µm using the FH-50-250 fiber holder or 900µm using the
FH-50-900 fiber holder
Fiber Cleave Length FSM-17S: 8 to 16mm with 250µm coating diameter.
16mm with 900µmcoating diameter.
Typical Average Splice Loss 0.05dB with SM, 0.02dB with MM, 0.08dB with DS, 0.08dB with NZDS.
Measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards.
Splicing Time Typical 11seconds with standard SM fiber
Arc Calibration Method Automatic, using results of previous splice when in AUTO mode. Manual arc
calibration function available.
Splicing Modes 40 user programmable modes and up to 60 modes for reference (factory predetermined setting).
Splice Loss Estimate Based upon dual camera cladding alignment data.
Storage of Splice Result The last 2000 results to be stored in the internal memory.
Fiber Display X / Y, or both X and Y simultaneously. Front or rear monitor display options.
Magnification 316x for single X or Y view, or 158x for X and Y view.
Viewing Method Dual cameras with 5.6 inch color LCD monitor.
Operating Condition 0 to 5,000m above sea level, 0 to 95%RH and -10 to 50 respectively.
Mechanical Proof Test 2N
Tube Heater Built-in tube heater with 10 heating modes and up to 20 modes for reference.
Tube Heating Time Typical 35 seconds with FP-03 protection sleeve.
Applicable Protection Sleeve Length 60mm, 40mm, micro
No.of Splice/heat With Battery Typical 80 cycles with BTR-06(S) / Typical 160 cycles with BTR-06(L).
Power Supply Auto voltage selection from 100 to 240V AC or 10 to 15V DC with ADC-11.13.2V DC with BTR-06(S)/(L).
Terminals USB 1.1 (USB-B type) for PC communication.
Video terminal RCA video jack / NTSC.
Wind Protection Max. wind velocity of 15m/s. (34 mph)
Dimensions 150W x 150D x 150H (mm) / 5.9W x 5.9D x 5.9H (inches)
Weight 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs.) including AC adapter ADC-11

Condition: Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange

Fujikura FSM-17S Fusion Splicer (BC# 19854)
-Total Arc: 9,473
Sumitomo FC-6M High Precision Fiber Cleaver (BC# 07490)
Clauss CFS-2 Fiber Optic Stripper
6 Month Fusion Splicer Care Kit FS6MC:
-4oz Flip Jar Of 99% Alcohol
-(50) Non-Lint Dry Wipes
-(6) Fiber Optic Wipes w/ 99% Alcohol
-2oz Pump Fast Evaporating Mirror Spray
-(25) Camera Swabs
-(25) V-Groove Swabs
Fujikura ADC-11 AC Adapter/Battery Charger
Fujikura BTR-06 Battery Pack
DCC-10 Battery Charge Cable
(2) Spare Electrodes
Power Cord
USB PC Interface Cable
User Manual On CD-ROM
Hard Carrying Case

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Fujikura FSM-17S Spec Sheet


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